ISE Education Opinions

We all know that education is important. It’s often called the great equalizer due to its power of bringing people to the same level of understanding and getting rid of any misconceptions and prejudice through facts and exposure to different opinions. It’s important to note that all people are different and they have different understandings and opinions about anything and education as well. Therefore, we took it upon ourselves to interview people around and outside of school, to find out what they think about education and its role in our lives.

​One thing that appears in student’s head when they hear the word “education” is school or university, or college and it is okay, several students gave this answer. School is a long and significant part of our life. It is a place, where we learn a lot of new things, find friends and often make decisions, which can determine our future. Also, namely at school people understand the central concepts of life and obligations: what it means to learn and how to work with each other and the list goes on. For example, Leonid, a student in 10th grade, said: “For me, education is when I, by myself, or in a group, investigate different problems and find out solutions by using various sources. Collaboration is an important part of it”. Not everybody would say that education is collaboration, but it is true or at least in the school context collaboration is an inevitable part.


​An interesting opinion was expressed by a student in 7th grade, Vilja. She associated education with learning and said: “Education for me is having someone or something teaching you about something. Education doesn’t only happen in school but also in everyday life.” There is another opinion, which is similar to this one in some ways. Mackenzie, a 12th-grade student, has said that “education is the foundation of being able to learn throughout your life. It is something that many people take for granted yet others struggle to be able to have it.” It’s hard to argue with that.  Every day we learn something new, our life comes up with challenges for us and educates us, making us more experienced.

Education is an important and exciting part of our lives. Sometimes maybe it is boring or annoying, but nobody said that it was going to be easy. According to Jasper, who is a 7th-grade student at ISE, “Education is learning how to become a better person in the future.”

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