Pros and Cons of Technology in Education

Technologies became a part of our lives already a long time ago. Nowadays, technology develops very fast and plays a vital role in everybody’s life. We can’t imagine our existence without the use of a computer or a smartphone. In this article, I’d like to delve deeper into the usage of technologies in education, for example in our school, ISE. What are the positive and negative aspects? Do students like it? Sounds Interesting? Read more!

First off,  I would like to clarify that by the use of technology I also the mean of online sources and materials, as well as, electronic devices like computers and calculators.

The first and quite crucial con that comes from technology is that it allows for teachers to be more creative, develop themselves and have an opportunity to experiment more with the way that they teach essential information. For example, at ISE, it is easy because, every student, as well as every teacher, has an electronic device (iPad or laptop). A good example is “google classroom,” which many teachers use, at least in MYP and DP programs. It is very a convenient and useful platform; the teacher can post whatever is necessary, and all their students can see it there and explore during class or at home. Afterwards, each student can submit the work, and the teacher can quickly check it and provide feedback. There is also the fact that we have a projector and screen or Apple TV  in every classroom. Taking this into consideration, we can say that it used every day in the study process and as a rule makes our life more sufficient. Another very useful platform, which we are all very used to is the electronic diary, Managebac. In the modern world, systems like Managebac exist in many parts of the world, but not everywhere. It is very convenient when you can just open it and see all your homework, marks, and feedback. In conclusion about the pros of using technologies in education, it’s possible to say that at ISE all things listed above make the studying process more exciting and more efficient and to some extent a lot simpler. Do not forget, we live in the digital world, and technology is everywhere.


Nevertheless, it has some cons as well. The first and obvious for everybody is a distraction. In the situation, when each person has the electronic device, it’s quite difficult to control what happens on their screens. For many people, a computer or a tablet can be a device for school and study, but at the same time, it is a way to have some rest, play games or to be online on social networks. It necessary to mention a cheating or academic dishonesty factor which although preventable in a setting where technology is always used, is undoubtedly more common in settings where the use of technology is minimal. Another con is that in some extent online sources replace the teacher in the learning process, at least in a global context, however, in case of ISE maybe it is not a problem because teachers always spend lots of time with students despite the use of technology, perhaps of its small size. The third and last con in this article is the use of the Internet. The Internet is a part of technology, and we use it all the time inside as well as outside of school. The skill of finding needed information on the Internet is essential, but also it allows for students to see somebody’s work and copy it; which is academic dishonesty mentioned before. Lastly, humanity as a whole relies on technology way too much. There is one perfect example in our school. In mathematics, we all can always use calculators and subsequently closer to the end of class we are not able to calculate even simple equations and have to check to verify whether 1+1 equals to 2. Of course, it’s our choice to use it or not, but if everyone does you feel the need to, and what if one day we won’t have access to technology?

Overall, as it was already mentioned above we live in the digital world and technologies are the part of our lives. In general, it’s up to individuals to agree or disagree with the use of technology in education, but the world changes every day and, therefore, we are changing too.

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