The Annual Sleepover


We are more than excited to invite you to the annual ISE sleepover which will be happening on the 23rd of March. Support the student council and the school community and come to the sleepover! Be sure to sign up by writing your name on the signup sheet which will be hanging in Mr. Tolley’s room starting Monday and until the 19th of March. On the day of the sleepover, the school doors are going to close at 19:00 so be sure to arrive before that time. The sleepover will contain a lot of different entertainment possibilities. You will be able to watch a film in such movie room, do some gaming or practice your board game skills in the playing room, do some physical activity in the sports room; you will not be able to get bored, that’s for sure. Believe me! Also, don’t think that you are going to stay hungry all night because we are getting pizza and popcorn for everybody! As well some cereal for an excellent family-like breakfast in the morning. If you have any food suggestions or you are allergic to some specific ingredients please let us know so we can provide you with something edible that suits you! We are waiting for all of you on the 23rd of March, Let’s have some fun together!

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