Fight Me: Chapter 1


Not the Beginning

“No… Don’t go… please” Her voice cracked. Tears rolled in rivers down her cheeks. She clutched his ice-cold hand, for dear life. As if it would hold him back.  

Miriam leaned over Ethan like a shield in a gloomy street, trying to  protect him from the cold and heartless world around. If only she could. She almost did, if fact. Almost. But almost doesn’t count. She was powerless. Miriam would have given anything, of the little that she had to help Ethan.  The heavy raindrops mixed with her tears and dropped on his shirt. Plop. One drop. Splash. A second. A third. They were soaking. Time stopped.

“I’m sorry…” he choked. The poison was spreading. “I love you and I always will” he gasped as a new wave of pain hit him like a thousand blades. “Be brave… Please,’’ he begged holding back the excruciating pain. “Finish it. For me. Promise me”

“I promise” Miriam mouthed “I love you too.” she squeezed his hand tighter, even if it was practically impossible, and watched. Watched as all that was left of him left. His ever dancing and laughing eyes became dull glass covered with dust, his lips parted slightly, but not in his usual, loving smile. Not in the smile that gave her strength when everything looked helpless. They parted in a desperate, surprised, horrified gasp. The last one for the end that came too soon. His solid grasp relaxed. He became limp and lifeless. Pale. Absent. No longer where he was. Ethan left and behind him was left a mere shadow of who there was before.  Now, there was nothing left to do. She gave him a soft kiss on the forehead. But only so soft. It was unbearable. To see him. See him like this. Miriam remembered how she saw a mouse killed by a crow. She didn’t want to look but couldn’t take her eyes off of it. A terrifying sight. How the crow carelessly ripped apart the poor creature. Digging it’s iron beak into the fragile body. The thin bones snapping with even the slightest click of the beak. Blood everywhere. The creature was covered in blood and still wiggled. No, not wiggled. Cramped and twitched. In its last moments. To the children it looked like the mouse, the poor mouse, was being electrocuted.

Death. It was the first time she saw it. She cried that day. And Miriam never cries. And even then. He had been there. Ethan. By her side, holding her hand. Now there was nobody.

She grabbed the suitcase and looked around. On the corner, there crouched a crow. It was digging into some trash of the street. Miriam ran. Ran like she had never done before. Miriam has made a promise and she must keep it. She will keep it. She barely took a few steps before she stopped and looked back. She couldn’t just leave him there. It just wasn’t right. But nothing seemed right that day. Except for one thing….So,  he forced herself to run despite it all . Like she forced herself to do a lot of things. Lying, smiling, stealing. Not pretty. Not pretty at all. Just a second before she turned around corner, Miriam took one last look. It was unfair. Wrong. All of this was wrong. The whole world is wrong.

Author: Rebeka Mia Raihhelgauz

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