Mr. Donut

By Inga and Cecilia


On Sunday I was sleeping and sleeping. Until Ms. Funny woke me up. She said  “common, go to the bathroom.” I thought that I was gonna take a bath, and apparently, I was right… Ms. Funny came over to me like a tiger that hadn’t eaten in days and I was the victim… It was scary but, that reminded me, there is going to be a cat Halloween costume party, on Monday, and I’m going! Well, if I hadn’t thought of the Halloween party, I wouldn’t be in the bath right now…


Hey, today is Halloween. And I am filled with happiness but, Ms. Funny came, and she said she had a costume for me, she said it was in the kitchen… I thought it was a scary costume, but when I saw it, I got very disappointed, it was a flower costume… I asked her what I did to her, she answered it simply to me, it was the best costume she could find. I was embarrassed. But I knew that there will be free donuts there. And I’m happy about this. Then we were in the car and we were going to the party. I thought it would be cool but it was not. All of the cats had the same costume just like MINE…..

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