Live Below the Line with our MUN delegates (Day 1)

34984310_514817168936671_7011820116887207936_n Elena Ivanova, ISE MUN Team

The first day didn’t feel like a usual day, I have strangely paid more attention to what I ate and how much I ate. I didn’t feel such a rush to eat more as I usually do. However, I did want more food. The food that I have eaten was not the usual type, it felt a little bit weird without my mother’s help, but I was capable of taking care of myself. I also have realized how hard it would be for me to go through those five days because I don’t have a vast variety of foods, which concerns me a little bit, I understand what people that live below the line really feel and what they go through. This upsets me in a way because I can not eat what I want whenever I want. Although there are so many people that have no choice, so they have to eat the same thing every day, and there are no vast amounts of it. I hope that this challenge will teach me, to take more care of my eating schedule and remember all of those people that have to go through this.

This is the meal I had today:

Screen Shot 2018-10-11 at 00.00.09.png

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