Time Traveling on New Year’s Eve

Have you ever imagined what time traveling would be like? Well, I got to experience it. It was on New Year’s Eve; I had just landed in Qatar, 20 minutes before the start of 2019. I listened to music and made resolutions in my head. One minute to go, 30 seconds to go, and then, three, two, one… HAPPY NEW YEAR! But I only got to scream it in my head. I texted my family “Happy 2019” with thought thinking about it too much, but then I saw my grandma’s reply: “But sweetie, it is still 2018.” That confused me. For me, it was 2019 that appeared on my phone, and when I asked Siri what day it was, she said January 1st, 2019. So, why did my grandma say it was 2018? Suddenly, it hit me.

I felt like I was time traveling because everyone I know still lived in 2018! Was I time traveling, though? I was moving between time zones. I have gone from 2018 to 2019, and then back to 2018. Back To The Future with Shahaf Gani! That’s what it felt like. But wait… does that mean that I would spend New Years on the airplane? Sleeping and eating airplane food? When my friends and family are partying, chatting and laughing together? They are not in the air like me. But I mean, was it that bad? On the plane, the captain wished us a happy new year, and the cabin crew gave us doughnuts for breakfast. I felt like Dr. Emmett Brown.

By Shahaf Gani

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