Top 5 best places in Tallinn to study if you are an IB student

By: Leonid Boguslavski

The first place on the list is going to be the National Library. The library is located on the Tõnismägi 2 street. The national library is the first one on the list because several reasons: accessibility, it is free, comfortable and quiet. In the National library you will find a great variety of different book sections and at least 5 different types of chairs to sit in while you study.

The second place on the list goes to the Tallinn University Academic Library, the library is located right in the city center by the address: Rävala puistee 10. This is the main advantage of this library because you can get to it literally from everywhere in the city using only one bus. The library also offers a great variety of different book sections and you can also book a separate room for studying.

The third on the list is going to be the “Caffeine” cafe. The cafe is located by the address: Viru Väljak 4. It is an internet cafe so it provides free wifi and very tasty coffee. However, there are disadvantages, for instance, sometimes it can get very loud there and it is not very easy to find free seats sometimes.


The fourth place on the list is Rahva Raamat, this cafe is located in Viru keskus which is the main shopping mall of Tallinn. Rahva Raamat cafe offers free wife, great coffee and very cosy seats for studying.

The last place of the list is going to be Reval Cafe which is also located Viru Keskus on the second floor. Reval cafe is perfect for getting your work done because it offers free wifi and delicious snacks which are not very expensive. It can get a bit noisy sometimes, however it is not going to disturb you. A pair of headphones always helps in such situations.


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